Festgefahren (caught)


The female protagonists of this solo would just love to go crazy. But control determines her life and keeps it from breaking free. Caught in the self-chosen agenda of her bourgeois existence, one just organizes life instead of living. An apparent paradise becomes a golden cage. 


Choreography: Efrat Stempler co worked with the dancer Brit Rodemund 
Music: Maurice Ravel 
Sound design: Micha Kaplan 
Photos: Ruthe Zuntz 
Light: Asier Solana 
Production: Matthias Püschner
PR: k3 berlin – Heike Diehm

Premier: Oktober 2012.

Trailer: http://tanzforumberlin.de/trailer548.php



"Festgefahren" is last but not least Brit Rrodemund. Life fully packed with seemingly important commitments makes oneself to a rushed beeing. And Brit Rodemund vibrates accordingly like a nervous jitterbug through the scenes created by the choreographer Efrat Stempler. She dances constantly on the thin red line short of loosing her temper/exploding…..

ANNETT JAENSCH (Tanzpresse.de)





Photos by Ruth Zunz

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