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The choreographer Efrat Stempler was born and raised in Israel and since 2004 based in Berlin. Efrat Stempler has presented her first work in Berlin in June 2003 in Dock11.


Oi - a solo for a man and BOMB ON - quartet for 3 men and a woman were created for Zelebrieren5 - a 5th year anniversary of the company MSSchrittmacher. In April 2004 Efrat created a new work for the Feld4 Festival in Dock11 in Berlin.
1,2,3, SAUERFISCH is a 20min piece using 7 performers, live video feed in and live editing, exploring the behavior of humans under the stress of a ticking bomb. In June 2005 she took part in the Lucky Trimmer - open platform for young choreographer -
in Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. she presented Kea which is a 5 minutes Trio for 3 women dealing with the concept of time in within the context of our demanding daily reality and multi tasking. KEA was chosen to participate in the 1st No - Ballet competition in Ludwigshafen in Mai 2006. 


In September 2006, funded by the cultural funds of Berlin city Efrat founded cie Efrat Stempler and premiered with its work SHU SHU– a full evening work which includes video and dance, around the theme of suspicion and surveillance. With Shu Shu cie Efrat Stempler has been touring to different festivals in Europe and in the world. In 2007 efrat presented SHU SHU WERK – a site specific version of her earlier work Shu Shu, containing of outdoor and indoor excerpts. 


In 2008 cie Efrat Stempler presented 1,2,3 SAUERFISCH RELOADED in a co production with the Tanzhaus Leipzig, Lofft Theater in Leipzig and cooperation with
Das Pumperk in Berlin. The work was presented in Leipzig, Berlin and Jelenia Gora, Zürich and Serbia.


In 2011 the company presented a new solo work for the dancer Brit Rodemund. The solo Festgefahren took part in the evening Festgefahren in Pullover, bitte wenden

in cooperation with MS Schrittmacher and as part of a 4 soli evening under the name Ausser sich, in april 2013 in Dock11 in Berlin. FESTGEFAHREN was invited to the Begehungen Festival in Chemnitz in august 2013 and performed in the Maat Festival in Lublin in December 2014. 


In November 2015 as part of the Post- Festival in Dockk11 in Berlin, cie Efrat Stempler presented thier last work ONA - a trio for 2 dancers and a musician.  







Sep 2006

Shu Shu, DOCK11, Berlin.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin. 

Januar 2007 

WA Shu Shu, Tacheles, Berlin.

August 2007 

Shu Shu Werk. Site specific. Stromereien Festival, Tanzhaus Wasserwerk, Zürich. 
April 2008

1,2,3 Sauerfisch -­ Reloaded.

a coproduction of Tanzhaus Leipzig and cie Efrat stempler in cooperation with Teatr Jelenia Gora, LOFFT Theater Leipzig and ‘Das Pumpwerk’, Berlin.. 


Funded by Kulturstiftung des Freies Staat Sachsen and Stiftung Zurückgeben. 

Februar 2010  WA Shu Shu. DOCK 11, Berlin. 
Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds. 
Oktober 2012  Festgefahren. DOCK11 Berlin. 
November 2015 ONA. made for the Festival POST- in Dock11, Berlin.





Tours/guest performances 



Aug 2007 

Stromereien Festival, Zürich, Switzerland. 

Oct 2007 

High Fest Theater Festival, Armenia.

Funded by the Goethe Institute in München.
Oct 2007 experimental Theater festival,

Cluj, Romania.

Funded by the Goethe Institute in München.

Jan 2008 

M1 Fringe Festival, Singapore.

Funded by Senatsverwaltung – Kulturaustausch, Berlin and the Israeli embassy in Singapore.

May 2008 

Das Pumpwerk, Berlin 

May 2008 

Festival for theatrical music, Jelenia Gora, Poland. 

Sep 2008 

Interkulturellen Wochen LOFFTT, Leipzig. 

June 2009 

INFANT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia. Funded by Senatsverwaltung – Kulturaustausch in Berlin.

Oct 2009 

‘Begegnung mit Israel’, Tanzhaus Zürich, Switzerland.
Dec 09 – Jan 10 

Machol Sahlem festival, Jerusalem and Hamishkan theatre,

Tel Aviv, Israel.

Funded by the German Embassy in Tel Aviv the Senat in


Nov 2011 

 Festgefahren in Pullover, Bitte wenden. Kooperation mit MS Schrittmacher. DOCK11, Berlin.

April 2012 

Ausser Sich. Kooperation mit MS Schrittmacher, Anat Vaadia und Gali Kaner. DOCK11, Berlin
August 2013  Begehungen Festival Chemnitz. Guest performance with 

the solo Festgefahren.

November 2015 Festival POST in Dock11, Berlin.
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